Marmite, Toblerone...and now Coffee

Dear partner,

Good days

Firstly, we want to say “thank you” for joining with us at Indigo Valley to support Compassion UK, The Fairtrade Foundation and Rainforest Alliance through what we do. Together we are making quite a difference. 

Bad days

Sadly, for the first time in 7 years, the rocketing cost of raw (green) coffee, tea and sugar that is due largely to the falling value of the £ means that we must increase the price of some products. It will be the same for every other coffee supplier in the UK. Whether they do it now or next month it’s just a matter of fact; all coffee roasters will have to put prices up. We calculate our increase to be only about 1/2p per cup.

Happy days

Rest assured, we will still offer the best deals on both coffee and equipment: we continue to “price match” on a like-for-like basis and have coffees starting from just 3.5p a cup (samples available on request).

As a “pick me up”, use the code CHEAP TEA when you next order online and receive a large case of Clipper tea (440 bags) at half price. We've stocked up in advance  to make sure every customer gets one.