The Indigo Valley story


There probably aren’t too many businesses that can trace their roots back to a single cup of instant coffee, but that’s how it started for us. A particularly grim mugful served up to Indigo Valley founder Andrew at his local church in Burford was the inspiration for what has now become the first choice for hassle-free, hand roasted and great tasting Fairtrade coffee. Within a week of that fateful cup, self-confessed coffee fanatic Andrew had provided his church with all the equipment they needed to brew and serve great filter coffee. However, knowing that taste is as important as convenience, Andrew soon started hand roasting his own coffee to complete the package.

Rumours of a coffee revolution taking place in the Cotswolds were picked up by others who had long been hunting for something tastier and fairer, and so Andrew was invited to exhibit at an international trade exhibition in 2006. Since then nothing much has changed except the volume we roast every day to ensure the freshest coffee is delivered to the best cafes, restaurants and delicatessens throughout the UK.


The “wonderful thing about tiggers”, so the song says, “is I’m the only one”. Though we are yet to capture it in a song, we do think we are the only hand / drum roaster in the UK who is exclusively Fairtrade.


Whilst sourcing from Premium Fairtrade coffee growers and hand roasting these beans to perfection makes both ethical and business sense, what fills our hearts is the way we can direct some of our profits to a charity we know very well that is working in the areas we trade in. Compassion UK has been our primary charitable partner right from the start. Through its RESPOND Initiatives lives are being saved and children given hope. But that’s as they say, a whole different story… you can find out more here.


Come and explore the world of coffee with us. New beans arrive every season, each with their own distinctive taste and character. We want to share the results of what we can do with them with those who also share a passion for the "black gold".

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