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We want to do everything we can to support the communities in coffee-growing regions. Many of them suffer from extreme poverty and are among the world’s poorest countries. Children are often the most vulnerable and that is why we partner with Compassion UK – a widely respected international organisation that works in 26 countries to release children from economic, physical and spiritual poverty.

how we help

One of the many ways we support Compassion UK is through their RESPOND Initiatives in the places that our coffee is grown – in 2014 it was Rwanda. Through the RESPOND (Water of Life) Initiative, children and their families in four districts in the southern province of Rwanda have been given safe drinking water for life. As part of the initiative, each family is given a Compassion Water of Life unit which contains:

  • a filter and bucket
  • a second bucket to catch the filtered water in a clean container
  • a syringe to rinse the filter with safe water

The units are based on the same technology developed for kidney dialysis. Dirty water from sources such as pipes, lakes, rivers, ponds or even puddles is poured into the bucket where the microscopic pores contained within the tiny tubes of each filter remove deadly bacteria, transforming it into water that is completely safe to drink. 


With occasional rinsing, Compassion Water of Life lasts a lifetime. Each filter is capable of filtering one million gallons of water and a child is expected to only need 14,600 gallons in their lifetime.

  • Compassion Water of Life units are easy to set up and maintain. A new system can be installed and ready to use in five minutes and only requires simple ongoing maintenance.
  • Compassion Water of Life never needs to be replaced. When the water stops flowing the filter only needs to be rinsed - a process that takes less than a minute.
  • Compassion Water of Life units have been proven and tested by doctors, the United Nations and other NGOs. They remove 99.9% of bacterial contaminants in water including cholera, typhoid, E. coli, amoebic dysentery, botulism, streptococcus and salmonella.


The life-long effectiveness of Compassion Water of Life means that the units have huge health, educational and economic benefits for Compassion-assisted children and their families.

  • When children are healthy they can go to school and develop the skills they need to enter into secure and stable employment.
  • By giving children sustained protection from diarrhoea, they are less at risk from malnutrition and stunting.
  • Safe water means that a family needs fewer resources to treat illness; a significant financial saving over a lifetime.

To find out more, visit Compassion UK’s website.

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