Expanding your drinks menu

Expanding your drinks menu

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Cafe and coffee shop menus seem to change with the seasons these days. And it's never been easier to add a few seasonal specials, thanks to the great range of flavoured syrups available. We now stock a wide range of Maison Routin 1883 syrups. Originating in the French Alps where they take inspiration from the indigenous flora and fresh alpine air, these syrups have a reputation for their pure and distinctive taste. 

If you're new to all this sort of stuff, here are some tips and ideas to get you started. 

[milk]shake it up

Summer is apparently upon us, and a milkshake is always popular, particularly amongst the younger clientele. Simply add a couple of pumps of flavoured syrup to 180-200ml milk plus 40g Kool Kup to thicken it up. 

If it tastes good as a desert...

...then it will probably taste good as a coffee! Why not try creating a tiramisu coffee or some pumpkin pie?

Make hot chocolate something to talk about

It's a popular alternative to a coffee and can just as easily be spiced up with a complementary syrup such as peppermint, orange or apricot. 

Change with the seasons

It's amazing how much the weather and seasons affect what we feel like drinking, both in terms of temperature and flavour. Don't miss out on some extra seasonal trade by offering something that's going to appeal to our more opportunistic and emotional side. 

Don't go overboard

Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. Choose a few speciality drinks and really make them your own. 


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