Coffee flavour & origin

Coffee flavour & origin

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Coffee is grown in over 50 countries around the world (National Coffee Association), and we certainly stock a wide range, from Ethiopia to Brazil and Central America. But what does that mean for the coffee that you buy and taste? Where should you begin and how should you know what do expect? Here's a little guide to help you on your tasting journey:


Ethiopia - tea-like body, often with lots of acidity and fruity notes

Kenya - notes of grapefruit, with a dry clean acidity

Rwanda - known for sweetness & body

Central Americas

Often characterised by good balance.

Colombia - known for sweetness and aroma

Brazil - traditionally nuts, butter, chocolate and a heavy body, but moving more towards fruity, bright and acidic notes as production for the specialty coffee industry has increased. 


Indonesia - often known for an earthy, smokey profile

Papua New Guinea - sweet and fruity

Often the different tastes that you encounter will be down to local factors such as soil condition, topography and climate. But that's not the end of the story. How coffee is processed and farmed in different regions across the 'Bean Belt' can also affect flavour - for example wet vs. dry processing. Not to mention the roasting process!

At Indigo Valley we have individual and unique roast profiles for all of our coffees, which are designed to get the best out of each batch - taking into account its origin and processing methods. So perhaps the best way to work out what you like is to try them all... why not try a new bean today??

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