A new coffee system for Compassion

A new coffee system for Compassion

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We were very pleased to install a great new coffee system for our partners Compassion UK. Here's what they have to say about the new system a few months on:

What system were you using in the past?

Clipper Instant Coffee and Indigo Filter Coffee

What prompted you to update your system and choose Indigo?

We relocated office premises and had the opportunity to design a joyful and innovative work space. As part of this project we considered the office experience for our staff, and of course for our faithful volunteers and visitors too!

We created a space for people to meet informally or work independently in a Coffee Shop style environment, and we wanted to offer complimentary hot drinks, that fitted in with the design - high quality drinks that would make people feel welcome and part of the team.

We love Indigo Coffee, and can rely both on the quality of their product and the service they offer. We are pleased to have been in partnership with Indigo for many years, and are grateful for all that Indigo do to support Compassion’s Respond Initiatives around the world.

It is important to us, to find suppliers with similar values to our own.

What's the best thing about the new system?

We are most grateful for the variety of drinks available! People do not expect to get a Hot Chocolate, a Decaf Cappuccino, or a Flat White and this treat makes people feel valued and appreciated.

How are your staff finding it?

Honestly, our team absolutely love it – especially the hot chocolate! We are grateful to have good coffee available at Compassion House, without having to get to a coffee shop.

Our team were also surprised by how quiet the machines are in use, and are pleased to find that they are not disturbed by others grabbing a drink.

Anything else you want to say about it?? 

The new system we have is incredibly simple to use so guests can easily help themselves to hot drinks. They are also very quick, so there are no coffee queues!

And they look very attractive on the worktop, which helps us to create the right ambience, and compliments the designed space beautifully.

We are very grateful to Indigo for all that they do, and want to thank Andrew, Nick and all the team.

If this has inspired yout to upgrade your office, shop or business coffee system, then get in touch and we'd be more than happy to advise you!

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